Review Policy

As of November 2017, I'm no longer accepting review requests.

The speed of my life has changed, and at this point in time, I'm not able to commit to reviewing books, even if given many, many months. 

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I love talking about books and I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts on books.

Reviewing books is a hobby for me.  I am not a professional reviewer.  Please check out my reviews for a sense of my style.

I do not get paid for reviewing books. I am not part of any affiliate program.  I am not compensated for my reviews.  Upon finishing a review, I give away or donate my physical copies and delete e-books.

What I Review

My preferred genres are:
  • historical fiction
  • literary fiction
  • 'noir' style crime fiction
  • vintage fiction
  • classic fiction
  • LGBTQ fiction
  • popular non-fiction related to writing, creativity, language, literature, women, LGBTQ, history
  • graphic novels 
  • cookbooks 
  • children's / picture books
  • Middle Grade / elementary
I will occasionally read YA or light sci-fi as well as paranormal/supernatural or romance if there's a historical setting. 

I do not read these genres:
  • inspirational/Christian fiction
  • Westerns
  • political or legal fiction
  • thrillers (political, spy, medical, or legal)
  • true crime
  • general crime fiction 
  • horror
  • fantasy
  • science fiction
  • self-help
  • chick lit
  • erotica
  • romance
  • New Adult
  • non-fiction related to politics, Christianity, health, self-improvement
  • memoirs and biographies
I read and accept review requests for both traditionally published and independent/self-published novels. 

My preference is for print copies but I also accept e-books (.epub or .pdf formats only).  I have NetGalley and Edelweiss accounts. Note: I do not have a Kindle and will not accept Kindle copies.

How I Review

Please take a look at my reviews for a sense of my style.

I review everything I read, whether I finish it or not, whether I like it or not.  While I don't believe I do 'snarky' or 'mean' reviews, I do share my honest opinion about what I read.  If you're concerned about what a negative review might look like, check out my 'book rating - disliked' tag.

I will not be a part of any tour that requires a positive review or requires reviewers to post alternative material in lieu of a positive review.

I do note errors in formatting, spelling, and layout design in my reviews, especially for e-books.  

I do not automatically include purchasing info or 'buy here' links in my reviews and I will not accept anything for review that requires me to do so.  If I am moved to do so, I might highlight a book's current price or purchasing availability but will not do so automatically.

I usually cross-post my reviews at GoodReads, LibraryThing, Litsy, and Booklikes. I do not automatically post my reviews on Amazon and will do so at my discretion. I will not agree to post a review at Amazon (or any other site) as part of a review request.

Author Interviews

I love doing author interviews.  If I'm scheduled to review a book and there's an opportunity to interview the author, do let me know.  At this time, I'm only interested in interviewing authors of books I've read or am going to review.


I love offering giveaway for books I have read or am scheduled to review.  I'm not interested in offering giveaways for any book I haven't yet reviewed.

To Request a Review

To request a review, please email me at unabridgedchick at

I try to respond to all review requests in a timely manner, but if life is busy, I may not respond for quite a while. (Again, this is my hobby!)

In order to schedule a review for a specific time, I request at least three months advance notice. I will honor review dates made as part of a blog tour or as negotiated in the review request.

I must receive the book for review at least six weeks ahead of the review date.

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My thanks to Book Bloggers International for their post on writing a review policy, which helped me craft mine.

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