Friday, December 3, 2021

Goodbye, and thanks for all the books

I just learned about 'breadcrumbing' and it hit me that this is precisely what I'm doing with this blog.

Twelve years ago, I left the private Livejournal where I had been tracking my reading to start this blog. In 2010, people were already talking about book blogging being a 'dying' scene but I found it vibrant, exciting, and busy. I was newly married, just entering my 30s, and had tons of free time. I was putting time, energy, and attention into the book blog world and it was incredible.

And then my life shifted. My work required more online time and between that and having a kid, I found myself wanting to spend less of my free time online. I stopped interacting with the bloggers I knew, and when I would try to dive in, I found that many of the people I knew were no longer blogging. I wasn't making the time to meet new folks nor connecting with those still online; and so I felt lonely and out-of-the-loop. 

But I couldn't quite bring myself to quit here after putting so much time and energy into this blog. Being a book blogger was kind of an identity for me.

Now I just feel guilty with a swirl of FOMO -- but not enough to, you know, make the time to prioritize life here. And that's what made me realize I need to move on. 

Book blogging has been an incredible experience for me: I've met the authors who've written books I adore; got to deep dive into some of what publishing is like; and my world view has been broadened due to book bloggers and other bookish thinkers who've challenged me to be an active reader rather than a passive one.

Ultimately, I need to say THANK YOU to all of you. (Now I'm getting all emotional and doubting myself.) It's not hyperbole to say book blogging changed my life. I'm so grateful to the bloggers, authors, publishers, and other folks who nerded out with me about the magic of books.

Seriously. THANK YOU.

I'm leaving this blog up a little while as I try to decide what to do with all the content. I plan to delete my Facebook page as well as my Twitter. At this time, I anticipate remaining on Instagram, so feel free to friend me there. I expect I'll delete my GoodReads account, too, but need to figure out how I'll track all my Wanna Reads (tips welcome!). I can still be reached by email: unabridgedchick at and hope you reach out anytime you want.

Goodbye, and thank you for all the books, all the reads, all the amazing. Love to you.


  1. I always loved reading your reviews even if I wasn't going to read the book. So keep writing and sharing your passions. And yes, I'm biased but still, I'm right !

  2. I hug and hug you! I am glad to have met you through book blogging, and I hope our paths will cross in real life someday too. <3

  3. you'll be missed in the blogging world, but I'll still see you on Insta!